Warfare Fire Show #2 Kill Your Alien Abductions

Very powerful prayers to get you started on your path to complete freedom


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Alien Abudctions

Alien Deception – Alien’s don’t exist just devils. All aliens hate the name of Jesus. Aliens are devils. Jesus Christ is God.

3 Types of Abductions

  1. Military Abductions MILABS – Uses hypnosis. Nuero linguistic programming chemicals and other drugs to implant a memory of aliens.
  2. Soul Abductions – devils set up a very detailed nightmare dreamscape of a ship or somewhere else
  3. Physical Abductions – You are physically taken from your bed using portal and teleportation fallen angel technology which is perverted heaven tech.

Signs you may have been kidnapped

  • family member was kidnapped
    missing time
    feel like you are more than one person at times
    unexplained illness or disease or health issues
    extremely tired a lot of the times
    immediate family member is in the military
    you are in the military
    you live close to a military base
    you have been gangstalked
    unusual amount of chemtrails over where you live
    lots of nightmares
    you lived in a house that was haunted
    you have an obsession with ufos
    you have an obsession with space
    you consider yourself to be a ufo researcher
    you have sleep paralysis very often
    you have unusual sleep rituals
    you sleep in an unusual way
    major trust issues
    your poor
    have trouble making money
    can’t maintain employment for long periods of time
    you quit everything you start – no follow through
    your sad at least 1 time every day
    you hear things at night no matter where you go – hotels motels your home
    at night when you try to go to sleep with your eyes closed you have bright white flashes

This takes work and effort to get free. You need to change your lifestyle and your mentality. THIS IS WAR. The war was brought to your house. You can’t just receive prayer and then do nothing afterwords. You need to change. You need to fight back.

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