Warfare Fire Radio #1 The Job Experience

Bringing back old as new


Bringing back an older format in a new way. Warfare Fire Radio will feature audio only podcasts discussing a wide range of controversial topics and spiritual mysteries of God. The show features fresh perspectives you won’t find anywhere else. Where the Warfare Fire Show is structured with specific topics Warfare Fire Radio is free flowing spread of interconnected ideas and thought. Light on social commentary heavy and deep on spiritual commentary. Social commentary is a passing fad. Spiritual commentary lasts forever.


The Job Experience: Righteousness Suffering

What is true righteousness? What does it mean to have a true Job experience? Who exactly is qualified to to teach from the book of Job and why? God doesn’t change. It is us who change and it is us who react to what God has for us in life. What does a personal relationship with God mean? What does it look like? Why is it important? What is love? What does emotion have to do with God? How are emotions and worship of God interrelated and why?

Author: Warfare Fire