Blue Planet Project and Pulsar Project

Detailed plans on demonic alien abductions


Blue planet project and pulsar project are alleged notes taken by a scientist over a period of 3 decades from the 60s to the 90s. Its hard to know for certain whether it is real or fake. Discernment must be used as whoever was writing these documents had certain facts wrong either deliberately or through lack of knowledge. Though there is very good information. The information within these 2 documents discuss the demonic alien abduction plans, the satanic demon possessed secret occult devil worshiping shadow government and certain corporations.

The information is unsettling if you are not prepared for it. Please pray this before you being, “Father in the name of Jesus I ask you to give me the spirit of discernment as I read in order to tell truth from lie so I will be able to live as a better man/woman of God in the earth. And all emotional attacks backfire in the name of Jesus.”

Blue Planet Project

Pulsar Project




Author: Warfare Fire