Warfare Fire Radio #3 Genuinely Loving Him

How to discern the fake from the real



Genuinely Loving Him

How to avoid being deceived? How to discern the fake from the real? Where is the emphasis?

Its about doing what God prefers not to get something but because you genuinely care about him. Caring about what God prefers. Loving what God prefers.

How to discern christian witchcraft? They only focus on the power. Only focus on results. Only focus on spiritual warfare and fighting the devil. Or have a huge focus on it only. Only focus on the gifts and manifestations.

What is the balance in their message? Do they believe know and understand the Trinity? There is a need to do self examination in how you are treating God and how you are thinking and feeling about him if you are having super major problems in your life. What kind of relationship do you have with God? Do you set time aside to worship God? Are there parts of God that you ignore?

It is possible to worship God even when you feel pain.

The importance of wanting to give God your love unconditionally and sacrificially without wanting something for it.

Author: Warfare Fire