First Steps

Jesus bless you. Let’s not waste any precious time. God wants you saved, healed and delivered.

Step 1. Eternal Life

What must I do to be saved eternally? What must I do to get into heaven. Jesus says unless you are born again you cannot see nor enter the kingdom of God. Meaning you must be born of the spirit. How do you become born again of the Spirit.

Very simple.

God does this for you independently of anything you do or don’t do say or don’t say. There is nothing you can do in and of yourself, your power, your righteousness to force or make yourself get into heaven. God is the one who decides who enters the kingdom. Wanting to free yourself from all evil and wickedness in your life is a marker that you are born again. As is wanting to do what is right or having a conscience.

Step 2. Baptized by Water and Fire

Being baptized by water is something you can do yourself in your own home in the shower or bathtub. It is a wonderful ritual that shows respect to God. And if you are led to be baptized by water please do so.

Being baptized by fire is something that God does for you and something that you can ask God to do. God the Holy Spirit baptizes you in his fire. It is a spark a flame inside of you that can never be extinguished or put out.

God will either automatically baptize you or you must pray to be baptized by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

This is where the power of God, gifts and manifestations of the supernatural with signs wonders and miracles are. The children’s bread, which is deliverance from devils and other evil spirits and beings, healings and miracles are for today and for you personally.

How do I know I have been baptized by this fire? You will know. All you have to do to know is step out in faith and believe.

Step 3. Repentance

This is where you super charge your healing, deliverance, and the manifestations of the power of God with signs wonders and miracles. You must be willing to be 100% honest with yourself and with God. You must be willing to bear your entire soul and every evil and wicked thing that you have done. You must be willing to root out and find out every little sin, every secret sin, every hidden sin. You must be willing to forsake your ignorance and know if you have been doing something that was sinful that you didn’t even know that it was and then you must be willing to give it all up.

Then you actually have to start to forsake the sins, turn away from the sins, stop doing the sins. You must stop defending the sins that you do. You must stop telling yourself its ok just a little bit. Its ok just one more. You cannot eat at the table of the devil and the table of the Lord. This isn’t just talking about eating a physical food sacrificed to idols. But taking into yourself everything that just wasn’t meant to be. Pray to God and ask God to reveal to you if you are doing anything that is a sin that you don’t realize that it was.

Think about your life and the different things that you do in your life and examine yourself to see maybe the activity you are engaging in and ask is it really ok to do that or is it wrong to do that. Only you know what your secret and hidden sins are. God knows the sins that you do in ignorance and he has mercy. Pray to God and ask for his mercy by having your ignorance be removed.

Step 4. Prayer

The most exciting step. Where God proves himself to you in power. There are many different types of prayer examples include prayer of thanks, praise, worship, deliverance, healing, tongues, prophecy and so many others.

There are almost an infinite number of prayers to pray. God will lead you and guide you into the prayers that he wants you to pray and he will lead you and guide you to people that he wants to have pray over you. Ask God to help you with prayer. He answers.

Step 5. What to do when the going gets tough

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all. And the Lord is a stronghold in the day of trouble. The angels of the Lord surrounds those that fear, love and respect God. Testing is a part of life and at times seem unavoidable. God always makes a way of escape for temptations. You must submit to God in repentance, pray as God leads you, resist the devil and evil by taking authority of it and commanding it to be destroyed, rebuke the temptations and the devil will run. You are not a victim, you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ and his love. Its not going to be fun 100% of the time but you can lean on the Lord. When you are weak then he is strong. Let the weak say I am strong. NEVER GIVE UP.


This summary is inspired by Prayers Fire Ministries

What the war looks like and the nature of satanic and demonic attacks upon you.

  1. Some victories only take one battle
  2. Some victories take a few battles
  3. Some victories take sustained repeated battles

What determines how and when you achieve victory.

  1. Genuine confession and repentance of all unconfessed sins
  2. The size of your weapon (how well you know the scriptures)
  3. The force of your weapon (how well you understand the scriptures)
  4. Spiritual Exercise (how well you pray ‘not praying amiss’ and how you fast)
  5. Spiritual Technology/Secrets (how well you know and understand the mysteries of the spirit)
  6. Timing of Battle (Daytime Midday Nighttime Midnight)
  7. Foundation of the Problem/Issue (knowing and understanding the root details of the battle)
  8. Open Doors (unconscious covenants, oaths, vows etc., made in times of ignorance)
  9. Divine Sovereignty (divine Right to Rule of God over the issue/problem)