Warfare Fire: Desperate Times Desperate Measures

The Why and How of Manifesting the Power of God NOW not later

A Miracle Manual

Hey thanks for checking out my book! Included is a detailed step by step manual of the why and how of manifesting your own personal miracles in your life.

Excerpt from the Forward:

This book is for anyone who is maximum level tired of the daily routine and daily grind of life. Maximum level tired of never getting any results. Maximum level tired of feeling small and insignificant.

This book is for the people that cannot wake up and be presented with the same thing over and over. This book is for people who want to change who need to change who long to change. And will not stop doing and are willing to do anything to change their situations.

This book is for people who are NOT only saying enough but want to start to DO something about it NOW and not later.
This book isn’t a prayer book. It is not filled with written down prayers to pray.


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