Blue Planet Project and Pulsar Project

Detailed plans on demonic alien abductions

Blue planet project and pulsar project are alleged notes taken by a scientist over a period of 3 decades from the 60s to the 90s. Its hard to know for certain whether it is real or fake. Discernment must be used as whoever was writing these documents had certain facts wrong either deliberately or through lack of knowledge. Though there is very good information. The information within these 2 documents discuss the demonic alien abduction plans, the satanic demon possessed secret occult devil worshiping shadow government and certain corporations.

The information is unsettling if you are not prepared for it. Please pray this before you being, “Father in the name of Jesus I ask you to give me the spirit of discernment as I read in order to tell truth from lie so I will be able to live as a better man/woman of God in the earth. And all emotional attacks backfire in the name of Jesus.”

Blue Planet Project

Pulsar Project




Kill the devils in your life Part 2

Part 2 of My Story

And I research aliens doing more and more research. The more research I did it appeared that either these aliens come from the earth or they came from another dimension. I started thinking this way because the things these aliens were able to do were indicative of that. The biggest example was going into people’s bodies. I became aware very quickly that they were able to jump inside of a person and control them. My thinking at the time was an alien that came from another dimension or other plane of existence had that power.

The attacks continued. The attacks intensified. Only at night. But this time I wasn’t four years old with no internet. I had the internet. And more importantly than that I had the will to fight, battle, wage war and be victorious.

The filming still went on. I needed to document everything that I was seeing. All of the wobbly fake stars at night. All of the shape changing fake planes with no wings. All of the chemtrails with no plane in front of it. All of the black helicopters. All of the silent no noise fake planes.

And so my life was split into day and night. By day I was filming all of the sky with all of the fake planes weird clouds and strange sounds. And I would also do my research on alien abductions, aliens, lizard people, bigfoot, walking compasses, deep underground military bases, military abductions, shadow government, deep state. I was trying to find anything I could find about what happened to me, why it happened how it happened. I researched dew, heart attack guns, sleep guns, psychotronic weapons, mind control, mkultra, black projects, deep black projects, ultra black projects, alien technology, flying saucers, 911 ufos, mj12, majestic 12, majec, majic, etc.,.

Every single conspiracy that had someone writing about or talking about I was studying it. It got to the point where I knew the aliens were working with the government in order to harvest people and animals to create some hybrid alien man animal creatures. And the aliens and governments of the world were using the classic divide and conquer strategy and mass mind control technology, brain entrainment and neuro linguistic program to keep mankind dumb deaf and blind to the reality of the world in which they live. And this was taking place under our very feet and way up in the sky. I researched everything I could about Phil Schneider and his shootout and murder.

But I still didn’t have the ultimate truth. I was still being attacked by these aliens I thought. Making me paralyzed while wide awake, giving me insane dreams, whispering into my ears crazy garbage.

I researched every thing I could about sleep paralysis but nothing cut it because it was happening while I was wide awake. I was not sleeping, or dreaming. I would lie down with my eyes open and then a second later paralyzed seeing and hearing all of this crazy, terrible stuff with a heavy atmosphere and energy of fear.

Then in summer of 2011 I was taken one last time. There was an evil technology being used to mind control a person from a distance. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. I was like,”Here we go”. As I was waiting for whatever attack or bad thing that was going to happen suddenly I heard a man’s voice in my head could not have been older then fifty probably early forties at most. “Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.” It sounded like it was recorded on a loop and it was being played into my head. It wouldn’t stop no matter what I did. I was fighting it. I was telling it no I’m not going to sleep. No I’m not tired. No I won’t listen to you. It didn’t matter what I did or said to whatever this was would not stop telling me to go to sleep. I then started feeling my mind weaken and get tired and more tired and more tired. I tried to force my eyes to stay open but I was getting more and more and more sleepy. Until I was dead tired and I closed my eyes. I instantly opened my eyes again. I only closed my eyes for a second but I knew at least an hour had gone by. I had what people call the missing time. I said to myself well nothing I could do about it now and went to bed normal.

Shortly after this experience I found a website, this. I also found a video here. Saying the name of Jesus helps with being paralyzed while lying down? So I looked all over the website. And I said to myself I know exactly what this means if saying the name of Jesus stops this and helps me with these paralyzing attacks.

I said to myself this,”It means Jesus Christ is God. Aliens are actually devils. God is 100% real. Satan is 100% real. Heaven is 100% real. Hell and the lake of fire is 100% real. There is an actual contention for the souls of men on the earth. Alien technology is actually fallen angel technology that was perverted from the technology used in heaven. And that if I get attacked again and I say the name of Jesus and the attacks stop. It means it would be God himself with his ultimate power had saved me.” And since I only want to believe what is true then I would automatically believe and know Jesus Christ is God is truth.

I was a hard atheist. I would read the bible in order to debunk it so I knew all about what the bible said. I made it a point to remember to say the name of Jesus the next time I got attacked. I was so desperate to win that I didn’t care what I had to do or say to do it. I just wanted to make it stop.

That same night I was attacked. I started to do what I usually would do which is struggle to move and fight in my own self. Then I got a remembrance of what I read. And since I couldn’t speak I did the only thing I could do I yelled with a loud voice in my mind,”JEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!“. And suddenly the attacks stopped. The devils that were attacking me paralyzing me flew out the window and were obliterated. I felt the power of God inside me and was baptized by the fire of the Holy Spirit. I felt the everlasting infinite embrace and love of the Father. I remembered who I was. I remembered where I was from. That I wasn’t from here. He made me to feel so good. I believed and without doubt knew where I was headed and no one is going to take away what God has given me, everlasting life because he loves me and gave himself for me.

Kill the devils in your life

Part 1 of my story

We have all suffered. We have all suffered terribly and horribly in this world. We have all been treated unfairly. We have all had something bad happen to us. We have all experienced pain hardships and struggle. Yet not everyone struggles the same. Not everyone has the same level of hardships. Some have had it much easier. Some have had the absolutely worst time.

Take me for example kidnapped from my home by devils when I was very small. Also known as alien abduction. You know the grey skinned aliens, big black googly eyes, no clothes, 3 fingers each hand. Paralyzed unable to move or scream…

When their pitch black eyes, eyes with no soul or love, so deep black and dark no light reflects those eyes. When those eyes meet yours, its as if you die. Inside and out you die. Yet you live. And you wake up the next day memory wiped. Don’t remember a thing. You don’t even remember you have missing time. As far as you are concerned. You went to bed nothing happened and then you woke up. Mind controlled, ritually tortured, horrible things done to you by devils and lets not forget their mind controlled demon possessed slaves. The men and women who work for the devils they’re there.

So you see sometimes you seek out the pain. You seek out the hurt. You punish yourself. Other times they come to you. They seek you out. The war comes to your door, to your home, your bedroom.

And it makes you hate, and it makes you hate so much, and they invade you, and they snatch you away to control you, then to destroy your very soul.

What to do? You be not yourself. You be someone else. You become a group of people. You run and run and run and run away from yourself. You run away into your own mind, into your own head, into your own world. Then you break apart yourself. You break yourself apart into so many pieces. Each piece has its own life. Even if that life is very small. Even if that life is just there to say hello. Pieces upon pieces upon pieces. You become dissociated. You are now removed from your own life and your life is changed forever.

You spend the next two decades in a daze, a haze, a mist, and a blanket. A blanket that scratches you that itches you, that suffocates you, a blanket that pushes you down. A blanket that makes you cold and not warm. A blanket of hate.

A hate that is not a hate of a child nor of a man nor of anything with blood and bone and guts. A hate that is of evil. A hate that draws in more hate. A hate that touches every part of life, every part of your life.

And you just don’t know what to do and you don’t know what to do and you don’t know what to do with yourself, with your hate, with your hate, with anything. Complete total silence, and screams deafening screams that come from inside of you, that come from what the devils did to you. And you scream and you scream and you scream and you scream until you didn’t even notice, you were screaming out loud. And now your throat is sore for 3 days.

You don’t notice yourself. You don’t care about yourself. The outside of you is covered a nice smile, loving eyes, hair that smells so good. The others clean you up good. Then you walk outside. Your niceness and kindness shields you from the world and from other people.

Nobody knows anything. A spirit of a chameleon is there to hide you and guide you into nothing. You gain nothing from hiding. You gain everything from hiding.

Then one day you wake up with a feeling that feels new, yet its familiar, like your favorite song you had as a kid but you don’t remember the tune anymore. The feeling is constant. The feeling is specific. The feeling guides you. It says ,”Seek truth about the world”. And so off you go to seek truth.

And so you grab your old sony camcorder and a rusty squeaky tripod that makes a whole bunch of noise go out and start filming the sky. You notice continuous air traffic from planes. You are very familiar with planes as you used to take plane trips several times a year every year for several years in a row. The planes make no noise, they are silent even though they are low to the ground.

The planes are fake.

Must be a top secret military project out of the joint army navy airforce base I think.

I continue to film and film and film and film. Day and night night and day. Film film film.

Then the bad times come back. “NO!”,  yell inside my head. The bad times at night. Can’t move, bad vibes all over my body, bad vibes all over the room. Only at night, this happens.

Then I knew it was connected. It wasn’t military only. Must be aliens.

So now I research aliens……